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Recycling Tetra Packs

Recently West lindsey has been able to introduce recycling of Tetra Packs. These are the packs which orange juice, other fruit juice and milk comes in. They look like they are made of cardboard, but they are a lot more complex than that and have a whole set of materials that go to make up one pack. Usually there is the paper outer which has the design printed on it, then there is a cardboard inner, then next a thin layer of tinfoil and then lastly a layer of thin polythene or plastic sheet to keep the liquid away from the other materials. Most of the material is to add strength to the carton and they were originally made as easy to stack items whereas bottles for liquids were no so easy to stack.
At the moment we are asking people not to put these in to their blue bin but to take them to a designated site details of which are on the WLDC Web-site which is hyper linked from this one.
The packs will go back to Tetra for them to deal with and recycle.