Useful information and items connected with being one of the West Lindsey Councillors for Saxilby Ward and for the people of the Ward as a helpful point of contact


Recycling Information

Please See later information on updates to recycling and waste management systems

As a Councillor one of the things people ask me about more than anything is recycling. This is usually out of a genuine want to be able to recycle properly. We have all got to recycle what we can where we can. In Lincolnshire it is estimated that by 2030 there will be 230,000 tonnes of waste which can neither be sent to land fill or recycled. For every tonne of waste which is over the quotas allowed under the European rules then we will be fined. These fines will undoubtedly be passed on to you and me. We need to tackle packaging as well at source as no one makes rubbish we all buy it.

Reproduced here is the main part of WLDC's recycling information to help you. This is an evolving process and changes will happen over time as to what can be recycled.

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Following some reorganisation in 2008 there are now many more items that can be put in the blue bins and less needs to be put into the black bins. Every household in the District had a recycling wheel delivered in the spring of 2008. This should be used to dial the material you wish to recycle in order to know where to recycle it. Should you lose the wheel then a replacement can be obtained from the Council either by phoning 01427 676676 or writing to the Guildhall at ,
WLDC The Guildhall Marshall's Yard Gainsborough Lincolnshire DN21 2NA.

Triple Bin System and Green Waste
In September/October 2009 the Council rolled out a triple bin system to most of the district. (there are some areas/properties where it is not possible to have wheeled bins and some where green bins are not necessary) This system consists of a black bin for risidual waste, a blue bin for recycling items and a green bin to each household for garen waste which can be composted.
Now the black bin is only to be collected once a fortnight rather than weekly. All households should have recieved a calendar showing which bin(s) are collected on which days. Some areas will have seen their collection days changed. Generally the system (October 2009) seems to be working well but there have been some teething problems. If you have not got your green bin, for which there is not now a direct charge to you, or your collections days have got mixed up and you are having difficulty or you have lost your calendar and information pack. In the first place call the Guildhall on 01427676676. If your problem is not osorted to your satisfaction please call me and I'll do what I can.
Please remember large branches and other large items of garden waste may not be suitable for the green bin and should either be taken to a civic amenities site such as Great Northern Terrace or Whisby or alternatively you can request a bulky waste collection from West Lindsey on the above number.